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Therapies week 8-12 October 2018

14 September 2018

For Therapies week on 8-12 October 2018, our Hillingdon Adult Mental Health Occupational Therapy (OT) Service will be using Twitter to post photos of their work in a whole range of teams and services. Throughout the week, the service will be posting using the hashtag #HillingdonOTs

They are also planning to produce a couple of films, an AMPs assessment (assessment of motor and process skills) which is a specialised OT assessment to support people in identifying their skills and areas for development and a 'one second a day' film to showcase what the OT team do on a daily basis in acute mental health.

Katherine Sims - Head Occupational Therapist for Hillingdon Mental Health said: "We thought this was a great way to promote what OTs do in mental health and the work they undertake alongside their multidisciplinary team colleagues. We have 22 qualified OT staff working in 11 different services/teams and we have welcomed this opportunity to showcase their valuable work. Social media seemed a useful medium to do this and we are able to use our established twitter group".

Their hashtag #HillingdonOTs and was set up and managed by two Senior OTs - Kelly Speed and Naomi Cooper (pictured).

OTs provide practical support to empower people to facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. If you would like to know more about the profession please access the Royal College of OTs website.