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Trust psychologist pens article on chairwork technique in The Psychologist magazine

11 July 2017

Dr Matthew Pugh, Acting Lead Clinical Psychologist, at our Vincent Square Eating Disorders Service has written an article in The Psychologist magazine on the use and potential of the chairwork technique in talking therapies.

He writes an engaging, all-rounded piece that explores the power of the technique to empower people to overcome emotional difficulties.

Chairwork is a psychotherapeutic technique that involves the use of two chairs that face one another. The patient sits in one chair and has a dialogue with an imagined person sitting in the opposite chair. There are different approaches to uses this technique that therapists see as a creative, versatile approach to emotional healing.

“When we are presented with an empty seat, we are given an opportunity to begin speaking directly to – rather than about – the issues that cause us emotional turmoil. Not only can such dialogue transform how we perceive these difficulties, but it also empowers us to negotiate, fight or forgive the parts of ourselves (and others) that are responsible for our distress,” says Matthew.

Click here to read the article.