Some teams can recover from the impact of Covid-19 with no or little additional support, especially if there was sufficient preparation, resources and support in place. However, many keyworker teams have felt the impact on their direction, team cohesion, culture and communication resulting in increased levels of emotional distress, illness, burnout and fatigue.

The earlier teams can be engaged with after the acute phase of the crisis, the more that team resilience and strengths can be supported. The post-crisis CaRE Project allows teams who may be recovering from the impact of COVID-19 to be quickly assessed via the team manager online by qualified CaRE project facilitators.

Our initial online consultation and support project aims to identify the severity of the impact on the team functioning, and from there we will put into place a brief project of short to medium term support, usually online but also in person.

The care project is a creative team support package to enable teams to be able to share their experience and to build on the team’s resources and strengths. It is based on a combination of arts therapies techniques, design thinking, compassion focused interventions and team building interventions. The project is facilitated by Health and Care Professions Council registered professionals who are experienced in working with teams and organisations through the use of creative media. The project provides up to 4 creative workshops developed to inspire and create new ways of working with clear aims and outcomes to impact on social systems and team cohesion.

The Post Crisis CaRE Project offers a free assessment service which provides specialist input for keyworker team leaders and managers to gauge the severity of the impact of COVID-19 on their team. The criteria for assessment are based on common indicators of team stress as a result of the impact of a recent natural or man-made disaster. We provide assessments following the acute phase of the crisis as this is indicated as providing successful outcomes for your team in terms of improved communication and resilience. We are funded to provide a few teams who have been affected the most to receive free workshops, however in many cases the project following the assessment will need to be funded.

We can only help if you self-refer your team. All information is kept in the strictest of confidence**. To refer your team all you need to do is complete our form (click on link below) and we will then arrange an online session for you to meet one of our CaRE Project Leads. This meeting will take about 1 hour and can include other senior staff members directly involved in leading or managing your team. This is an exploratory meeting to ascertain the impact of the crisis and the level of need.

** We may need to use anonymised data from the sessions to support the development and promotion of the project, however, we will always ask for your consent to do so.

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