Developing knowledge and skills

Our courses that help to develop knowledge and life skills include:



Employment: recovery in action
(five-day course over five weeks)

This course is particularly useful for people interested in finding paid work, or caring for someone who is interested in paid work, and CNWL staff who would like to learn more about how to support others to access paid employment.

Employment is often identified by people who have experienced mental health difficulties and/ or addictions as representing a key part of their recovery journey. A return to employment, or even starting work for the first time in life, can provide an opportunity to pursue personally valued ambitions in a tangible way.

People often describe a positive ‘snowball’ effect of paid work on mental wellbeing due to its ability to create new relationships, build skills, provide financial rewards and give an enhanced sense of meaning to life. Unfortunately some also experience challenges in accessing paid work opportunities, due to factors like real and anticipated stigma, the complex benefits system, lack of up-to-date work experience and practical job seeking skills.

This course explores topics such as, vocational goal setting, job seeking, application and interview skills (co-run by CNWL’s Human Resources department). Students will learn how best to manage the transition into work, manage their personal information in the workplace, benefits and find out about local employment support they can access.

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The ‘ward round’ – how can we all get the best out of it?
(two-hour introductory workshop)

The ward round is an important meeting between the service user and the team working with them. Service users can find this meeting intimidating, with as many as six to eight people present, possibly some of whom the service user has never met before. Many service users remember the ward round as, an experience which was both fear provoking and humiliating and found it difficult to have a ‘voice’ within them.

This workshop explores the purpose of ward rounds and offers suggestions and strategies to increase confidence to get the best out of it. From negotiation skills to suggested questions to ask, this short practical session provides opportunities to learn or develop skills and practice them in a small group.

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An introduction to problem solving
(one-day workshop)

Sometimes problems can seem overwhelming when we are not feeling at our best. It easy to ignore them in the hope they will go away, repeating old patterns of behaviour, or just giving up. This introductory workshop will help give you some new ideas, tips and examples of different ways of approaching and solving your problems.

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It’s your move – managing a social housing tenancy
(one-day workshop)

Renting and moving into a council or housing association property can be a daunting and stressful experience. Having to deal with the responsibilities of sorting out utilities, bills, rent and entitlements can seem like a huge undertaking and can feel overwhelming.This workshop is designed to give you all the information you need to help make your home a happy and safe one.

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Better thinking about money
(eight half-day sessions over eight weeks)

“You don’t get into money problems because of money. You don’t fix money problems with money.” This course provides information about everyday money management. It explores spending behaviours and attitudes towards money, topics addressing essential budgeting skills, how to increase your income, necessary basics on family finance, saving and borrowing, as well as tools to tackle and manage debt.

This course is equivalent to Entry Level and Level 1 for Effective Money Management of the Open College Network (OCN) and is delivered in conjunction with Credit Action.

“This was a good course, the information about spending behaviours has helped me to think about my spending and make better choices. I now know what to do."
(CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College student)

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Personalisation in mental health – getting a life, not a service
(half-day workshop)

This workshop introduces personalisation and examines the implications for those using and working in mental health services. It challenges students to think about services in a different way, that traditional service-led approaches have often meant that people have not received the right help at the right time and have been unable to shape the kind of support they need.

“I am always learning and never cease to be inspired by the expertise that students bring to the course.”

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