Meet the team

The CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College team is made up of peer trainers (people with lived experience of mental health challenges) and mental health professionals.

Working together, we recognise that the expertise of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties is as valuable as the knowledge of mental health practitioners: both to the individual journey of recovery and to the development and delivery of services.
The members of the team that you may meet when you visit the CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College are:

Syena Skinner
Recovery & Wellbeing College Manager

Syena Skinner is the CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College Manager. She has been working within adult mental health services for over 25 years and has been a qualified social worker for 14 years. She has managed a variety of services such as a supported housing scheme, housing support service and teams within day services.  Syena has been involved in the development of the CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College from the beginning and is honoured to be working alongside others who are committed to creating and delivering recovery focused workshops and courses.


Amanda Bailey
Senior Recovery Trainer


Amanda Bailey is a Senior Recovery Trainer at the Recovery & Wellbeing College. She has worked at the Recovery & Wellbeing College since its launch in April 2012.  She was involved in the initial development and delivery of courses for the pilot prospectus.  Amanda qualified as a general nurse over twenty years ago and spent much of this time working in various cancer services.  Four years ago Amanda qualified as a social worker and specialized in mental health.  Amanda has a particular passion for recovery orientated services and has done extensive recovery training.  She has also had experience of using secondary mental health services, and uses her own personal experience of recovery within her work at the Recovery & Wellbeing College.  Amanda is particularly interested in Peer Support within mental health services and an educational approach to support people in their recovery journey.  Amanda has been part of a Trust-wide reference group for the development of the Health and Wellbeing Plan, which is a self-management tool, to enable people to take control over their wellbeing.


Waldo Roeg
Peer Recovery Trainer

Waldo Roeg is a Peer Recovery Trainer. After completing a four month placement within the Trust and he worked as a volunteer for two years. He played a key part in starting the Peer Support Worker program at CNWL and completed the first Peer Support Worker Training run by the Trust. Waldo is now employed by the Trust as a Peer Recovery Trainer at the CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College, where he has taken an active role in developing and delivering the courses there.


Wil Joseph-Loewenthal
Peer Recovery Trainer

Wil has been using mental health services for more than ten years.  She is an Associate Peer Recovery Trainer for CNWL and also co-facilitates workshops for Kensington & Chelsea MIND Service User Network (SUN).  Wil also evaluates community mental health services via User Focussed Monitoring (UFM). 


Sam Nicholls
Senior Recovery Trainer


Sam Nicholls has worked within mental health services for twenty years and holds both a Post-Qualifying Diploma and MA in Social Work, although she believes that personal qualities of compassion, collaboration and hopefulness are as important as qualifications.  Sam is very excited to be working in the Recovery College as she is particularly interested in the concepts of human rights, holistic wellbeing and the power of education for all.  Sam has been particularly involved in developing the Storytelling work in the college.


Sue Williams
Senior Recovery Trainer


Sue Williams is a senior peer recovery trainer at the Central and North West London NHS Recovery & Wellbeing College where she co-produces and co-facilitates training. Sue also works as a peer support worker on an acute in-patient psychiatric ward. In her work, Sue draws from a range of personal and professional experiences, training and qualifications. Sue has personal experience of using secondary mental health services and is also a qualified teacher and chartered counselling psychologist who completed a doctorate on self-harm. Sue believes that her personal experiences of mental health difficulties and recovery are as valuable as her professional qualifications and experience.      


Angela Kinn
Senior Peer Recovery Trainer


 Angela has worked as a trainer in recovery and disability rights for a number of years and has also worked in peer support, advocacy and as a broker for personal budgets.  She is currently developing a course on “Understanding bi-polar and self-management.”  All of her work is informed by her own personal recovery from mental health difficulties.  She has learnt from her own experience and the experience of many others that it is always possible to turn your life around or build a happier life with the right support.



Contact details:

Address: Admissions Office 2nd Floor, Stephenson House, 75 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PL
Phone: 020 3214 5686