Student charter

The CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College believes in mutual respect and cooperation.

We promise to

•    Deal with your enquires in an efficient, professional and friendly manner
•    Provide information, guidance and advice on courses and programmes of study
•    Give you details of our opening times and prospectus

We ask you to

•    Provide us with the relevant information we need to register you

We will

•    Provide you with a warm and professional welcome at all times
•    Provide a course handbook explaining what your course will offer
•    Ensure quality courses that promote hope, opportunity and control
•    Offer advice and guidance on learning and study skills, and the use of learning resources
•    Provide support, which will help you monitor and review your progress if you want to
•    Devise well planned timetables that, where possible, will take your needs into consideration
•    Discuss your specific needs if you tell us about a disability or learning difficulty
•    Discuss your next steps upon completion of your course, such as enrolling on another course, if you wish to do so
•    Provide a safe and health study environment
•    We are committed to providing an environment free from discrimination
•    Respect your personal beliefs, life choices, religious and cultural practices and traditions
•    Give you the opportunity to express your views of the college and its services without fear of recrimination

We ask you to

•    Attend courses punctually or call us if you run into difficulties
•    Make the most of your student experience and your course
•    Be considerate of all students, college staff and others working on a college site by observing the Recovery College Code of Conduct
•    Comply with the college’s policies and procedures
•    Respect the individual rights of all members of the college
•    Ask us for any clarification if you are not sure about anything

Contact details:

Address: Argo House, 180 Kilburn Park Road, London, NW6 5FA
Phone: 020 3214 5686

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