What is recovery?

We define recovery as the personal journey people with different mental health experiences take to rebuild, rediscover their strengths and live meaningful, satisfying lives. People facing mental health challenges develop their own definition of recovery.

What does Recovery mean to you?

This video is a short montage of one-word answers by CNWL staff, services users and peer recovery trainers expressing their personal definitions of recovery.

A key feature of our recovery-focused mental health service is the adoption of an educational coaching model rather than a therapeutic model.

Recovery coaching uses a partnership model where the student is considered to be the expert on his or her life, the one who decides what is worth doing, and the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change. Recovery coaching focuses on achieving any goals important to the client, not just recovery-related goals.

Recovery coaching emphasises honoring values and making principle-based decisions, creating a clear plan of action, and using current strengths to reach future goals.

 We successfully use the coaching model at CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College to give our students the tools to achieve positive results. 

“I love coming to the Recovery & Wellbeing College. I have something to look forward to every week and all the courses are helping me.  Thank you.”
(CNWL Recovery & Wellbeing College student)

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