Medopad health and wellbeing application

What is Medopad?

Medopad is a smartphone application (app) that monitors your health and optimises your care. It’s an easy way for you, your doctor and the rest of your care team to manage your health and wellbeing, all accessible from your phone. The app provides a simple way for your care team to track your overall health remotely so you can feel assured that you are being looked after between visits. The more you use the app, the better your care team will get to know you. Medopad can track different aspects of your health and wellbeing such as your blood pressure or the exercise you do and will depend on your care needs and how your doctor recommends the app to you.

How are Medopad and CNWL working together?

Medopad is powering an exercise and wellbeing programme called 'Live More' and is led by Matthew Waugh who works on the PICU ward at St Charles Hospital. Live More helps embed daily routine exercises for patients receiving treatment in hospital. The aim of the initiative is to help patients fit simple and regular daily exercises to support them with lifestyle changes.

In addition to exercise and wellbeing, you can monitor a range of other health factors, such as blood pressure, lifestyle habits as well as self-report variables such as mood, motivation, medication tracking and potential side-effects. Small steps with motivational feedback is the best way to achieve sustainable and meaningful change.

How can I download Medopad?

Please speak to your care team about joining the Live More programme or using Medopad. Medopad is available on Apple and Android devices and you will need an activation code from your care team. For more information about how to download the app visit this page.

What happens after I download Medopad?

Click through to these links for information on what to do after you have downloaded Medopad. These steps are to be followed in chronological order:

  1. How to register my account
  2. How to set up my profile
  3. Logging in my key health information
  4. Viewing my data on a dashboard

Can I control who sees my health information?

It is entirely your choice who from your care team, accesses and views your data. Once you have created an account, you can control this in the settings of your profile. 

I want to find out more about Medopad

Medopad has a dedicated website that you can visit for more information.

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