Patient and carer involvement

Working in partnership with patients and carers is fundamental to delivering high quality care. We believe that the best health services are ones that are planned, shaped and delivered by patients, carers and staff working together. People with lived experience of health services understand what works well and what doesn’t, so we want to increase the role they have in the design, delivery and improvement of services.

There are already excellent examples of carers, patients and staff working in partnership in CNWL. People with lived experience are working in clinical settings, joining in with collaborative projects and making decisions in boardrooms. Our partnership working is making a huge difference and changing the way we work, but we want to build on this and do more. We want to create further opportunities for involvement so that more people and services can benefit from this. We want to improve the quality of involvement activities too. We will move away from the ‘tick box’ culture that some people still experience, towards a genuine partnership approach, where involvement is well planned and power is more equally shared.


New skills passport to record patient and carer involvement

Lucy Palmer, Head of Involvement at CNWL says:

We wanted to find a way for patients, carers and volunteers to record the skills they are using in their involvement with us, whether being on a staff interview panel, attending a course, being part of a committee or volunteering with a service.  A Patient and Carer Involvement Consultant on our team developed a skills passport in collaboration with other patients, carers and staff – a good example of partnership working at CNWL. We hope people will find this a useful tool to capture their expertise and achievements and help plan future activities.

Download the skills passport.

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