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CNWL works in partnership with local authorities for each area, which are the lead agencies for adult safeguarding. Each local authority (or group of authorities in London) has its own safeguarding adults policies and procedures.

London boroughs

Protecting Adults At Risk: London Multi-Agency Policy And Procedures To Safeguard Adults From Abuse (SCIE 2011) (which applies in all London boroughs)


 Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy, Procedures and Guidance (Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Portsmouth LSABs 2013)


 Multi-Agency Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Adult Protection Policy Protocols & Guidance for Kent & Medway (Kent County Council, Medway Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health Trusts in Kent and Medway, Kent Police 2014)

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy And Procedures (Milton Keynes Council 2014)


Surrey Safeguarding Adults Multi-agency Procedures, Information and Guidance (Surrey SAB 2014)


Sussex Multi-Agency Policy And Procedures For Safeguarding Adults At Risk (Sussex LSABs 2013)