Brent Children’s Centres Speech and Language Therapy Service

Brent Children’s Centres Speech and Language Therapy Service provides a preventative and early identification service for children with speech and language difficulties.
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The service provides sessions for children under five. It supports their communication skills by encouraging parents/carers to play and sing with them in order to:

  • Help children to listen and talk
  • Enjoy time together
  • Build confidence
  • Get ready for nursery

Eligibility criteria (who is the service for?)

The service is for children aged 0 to five years old and resident in Brent.

How can someone be referred?

Parents or carers should contact their local children's centre for times of speech and language therapy sessions.

Can I use NHS E-Referral (formerly Choose and Book) to arrange my first outpatient appointment?

NHS e-Referral is not applicable to this service.

Service times

The service is available from 09:00–17:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Services are available at a number of children's centres across the borough of Brent.