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Hillingdon Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children with speech, language and communication difficulties, in addition to feeding and swallowing difficulties.
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The service has three specialist teams:

Early Years Speech and Language Therapy Team
This team provides a service to children aged 18 months to school reception age. The team also sees children of school reception age with severe speech difficulties and children with a stammer or voice problems.

 Children seen by the team may:

  • Be late to talk
  • Have speech that is difficult to understand
  • Have difficulty in putting words together and talking in sentences
  • Find it difficult to listen and pay attention
  • Be reluctant to talk/silent outside of home
  • Have difficulty in understanding what is said to them
  • Have a stammer

Therapy often takes place in a community health clinic but may also be offered in other settings including children‘s centres.

Pre-School Special Needs Speech and Language Therapy Team
This team provides speech and language therapy to children aged zero to five years who have additional difficulties and complex communication needs. The service also provides eating and drinking support for children aged 0 to 16 (or up to 18 years if in full-time education).

The team work as part of a multi-professional team based at the Child Development Centre for children with additional complex needs.

The team supports children who may have:

  • Global development delay
  • A specific syndrome affecting communication and/or feeding
  • Motor or sensory feeding difficulties
  • Autistic spectrum disorders or Asperger’s Syndrome

Therapy often takes place at Child Development Centre but can also be offered at home, nursery or playgroup, or children’s centre.

School-Age Speech and Language Therapy Team
This team provides speech and language therapy in mainstream primary and secondary schools in Hillingdon to support children with identified speech, language and communication needs.

Children and young people supported by the service may have difficulties with:

  • Understanding what the teacher is saying in lessons
  • Using word endings and including all the small grammatical words when they are talking and writing
  • Explaining or expressing more complicated ideas and thoughts
  • Making friends, understanding social rules, and having conversations, i.e. taking turns, staying on the same topic, maintaining eye contact etc.
  • Saying sounds clearly, speaking fluently and speaking in school, even though they speak at home

Therapists will work in different ways in schools according to the needs of the child/young person.

Please visit the speech and language therapy services website, Hillingdon Talks, where you can find out information about the service, along with information and resources on how to support your child’s communication skills.

Eligibility criteria (who is the service for?)

Early Years and Pre-school Special Needs Speech and Language Therapy teams
These teams provide a service to pre-school-aged children  who are Hillingdon residents or who are registered with a general practitioner (GP) in Hillingdon. The service is not available to children with an Ealing GP.

School-Age Speech and Language Therapy Team
The school-age team will see Hillingdon-resident children attending mainstream schools who have a significant speech, language or communication need.

The service is not available to children who are registered with an Ealing GP without a statement of educational need.

There are some exceptions to this. Please contact the service for further details if necessary.

How can someone be referred?

The service operates an open referral system for pre-school children. Anyone concerned about a child’s speech and language development can make a referral, with parental consent, although referrals will only be accepted if the child has a moderate or severe speech, language and communication difficulty.

Typically, the pre-school services receives referrals from GPs, early years practitioners, health visitors, paediatricians, hospital audiology departments, parents, teachers of the deaf, and education staff.

Referrals for school age children attending Hillingdon mainstream state schools are made via the school SENCO and can only be made following discussion and agreement with the school's link speech and language therapist. This is to make sure that children, where there is the most concern are prioritised. Schools have the option of buying in additional speech and language therapy time if there is not enough capacity to see all the referrals they wish to make.

Parents and other professionals wishing to make a referral for a school age child should discuss their concerns with the school SENCO.

All referrals must be made via the Central Referral and Messaging Service using the forms below.

Pre-school referral form: 
Download Hillingdon Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service Pre-School referral form

School age referral form: 
Download Hillingdon Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service School Age referral form 

All appropriate referrals will be contacted and an appointment  will be arranged.

Service times

The service is available from 08:30–16:30, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). The service operates an appointment-only system.

If are unable to attend your appointment, it is important  that you advise us as soon as possible so that this can be rescheduled and we can offer this to somebody else on the waiting list.

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