Milton Keynes Specialist Memory Service

Stantonbury Health Centre
The Purbeck, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BL
United Kingdom

01908 801020

Milton Keynes Specialist Memory Service offers a comprehensive psychiatric and neuro-psychological assessment of an individual’s memory, ensuring that if a diagnosis of dementia is made, the diagnosis is given as soon as possible. Following diagnosis the service offers post diagnostic support, which can include advice, information or guidance and is offered to the individual, loved ones or carers. The service provides therapeutic group work including cognitive stimulation therapy and support for carers. Where required the service will make referrals to any appropriate services that are identified or assist in signposting to relevant organisations. The service also accepts referrals for individuals diagnosed with dementia who are experiencing, Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD), challenging or complex behaviour and require advice, support or management strategies. This service will be provided at the individuals home address and appointments will be made at a time convenient to the individual, family or carer. The service also offers support to a wide range of settings in the local community including care homes and primary care.

People may need this service if they are:

  • Having difficulty remembering day-to-day things
  • Starting to forget dates and appointments
  • Getting in a muddle with finances, paying bills etc
  • Finding that they are losing things around the house
  • Finding it harder to remember names
  • Having difficulty following conversations
  • For individuals with a diagnosis of dementia who are exhibiting challenging or complex behaviour, such as physical or verbal aggression
  • Require monitoring and review of specialist medication, for example, psychiatric, anti-psychotic and dementia medication.

The Specialist Memory Service consists of a multi-disciplinary team of:

  • Psychologists
  • Consultant psychiatrist
  • Junior doctors
  • Qualified nurses
  • Non-medical prescriber (nurse)
  • Occupational therapists
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Support workers
  • Administrators. 

Eligibility criteria (who is the service for?)

The service is able to support people who:

  • Are of any age
  • Are a resident of Milton Keynes or registered with a GP in Milton Keynes
  • Have symptoms consistent with suspected dementia rather than a physical or functional mental illness
  • Have experienced memory difficulties for six months or more
  • Have an existing diagnosis of dementia requiring further referral for management of BPSD
  • Are medically stable, in other words. do not require 24-hour monitoring by a medical team or an emergency mental health admission.

The service is unable to support people who:

  • Have an existing diagnosis of dementia requiring social care support or packages of care
  • Are reporting memory problems following a traumatic brain injury (patients will be redirected to specialist neurological services)
  • The service is unable to respond to emergencies out of hours.

How can someone be referred?

Referrals to the team are made via a Milton Keynes GP.

Can I use Choose and Book to arrange my first appointment?

The service is currently unable to accept referrals via Choose and Book.

Service times

The service operates 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday.

Caring for people with dementia in Milton Keynes from CNWL NHS Foundation Trust on Vimeo.

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