Milton Keynes Schools Speech and Language Therapy Team

Eaglestone Health Centre, Standing Way
Eaglestone, Milton Keynes, MK6 5AZ
United Kingdom

01908 725299

Milton Keynes Schools Speech and Language Therapy Team provides services to all primary and secondary schools within Milton Keynes, including some with specialist education provision.
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The team provides:

  • Specialist assessment, diagnosis and speech and language therapy (SLT) intervention for children with developmental and acquired speech and language difficulties in Milton Keynes schools.
  • Training for staff working in education to enable them to confidently address the wide-ranging needs of children with speech, language and communication difficulties within their classroom.

This involves assessing and analysing a child's language competence, the language and communication demands of the curriculum or classroom, and the influence of environmental factors on the child's performance in this context.

The team also provides clinic-based appointments for children and young people with dysfluency and runs summer clinics for children with speech difficulties.

The service is delivered by therapists with specialist or highly specialist knowledge of a wide range of conditions, developmental and learning needs which impact upon a child’s communicative competence and performance within an educational and social context.

The team works in collaboration with:

  • Parents, families and carers
  • Education personnel, such as teachers, teaching assistants, special needs coordinators (SENCos), specialist advisory teachers, behaviour support teams, educational psychologists, and local education authority representatives
  • Healthcare professionals, including paediatricians, clinical psychologists, general practitioners (GPs) and heath visitors
  • Social services and voluntary agencies

Eligibility criteria (who is the service for?)

Therapists working in this team provide a service to:

  • School-aged pupils (four+ years) who have speech, language and/or communication needs, who are registered with a Milton Keynes GP and attend a primary or secondary mainstream school in Milton Keynes.
  • Pupils attending language or social communication departments.
  • School-aged pupils (aged four+ years) attending primary or secondary mainstream schools who are deaf or hearing impaired.
  • Pupils attending specialist department provision for pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing.

How can someone be referred?

The service  operates an open referral system where any professional, or the parent, can refer to the service. However, when making a request for speech and language therapy (SLT) involvement, the school’s SENCo is asked to provide supporting information, including  National Curriculum  levels, the current strategies being used, involvement of other agencies, current Individualised Education Programme IEP goals and completion of the First Assess Communication Tool (FACT). Parents will need to consent to this referral request by signing the referral form.

Can I use NHS E-Referral (formerly Choose and Book) to arrange my first outpatient appointment?

NHS e-Referral is not applicable to this service.

Service times

The service is available from 08:30-16:30, Monday to Friday, term-time only.

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