Recovery Intervention Services Ealing -Southall (RISE)

Saluja Clinic, 36A Northcote Avenue,
Southall, Middlesex, UB2 2AY
United Kingdom

020 8843 5900

020 8843 5919


Recovery Intervention Services Ealing - Southall Hub is a community service provided in partnership by CGL, Build-on-Belief (BOB) and CNWL as a free and confidential service for people who live in the London Borough of Ealing. RISE provides assessment and short-term treatment, and helps individuals to access other support services. In include helping people break a cycle of addiction to substances such as heroin, cocaine, and new psychoactive substance as well as long term alcohol addiction. Many people turn to drink or drugs as a way of dealing with negative feelings, such as depression, stress, trauma or anxiety.

We work with people at any stage of their alcohol or drug difficulties to provide a single point of access to assessment and treatment, for problems.

Drug and alcohol treatment services provide a range of specialist health care interventions for individuals and families who are affected by the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

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The team is multidisciplinary, which means there is a wide range of professionals who can provide different treatment options. The team works closely with general practitioners (GPs), social workers and other health providers. Treatment is provided in a structured programme with the goals of abstinence, minimising harm or controlling the addiction.

Treatment options can include:

  • Talking therapies
  • Medication
  • Community or residential Detox
  • Community or residential rehabilitation

Referrals to the team can be made by a health professional (GP, social worker or other) by completing the referral form or contacting the team on the details below.

The service is funded by Ealing Council Public Health.

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