Waterview Personality Disorder Service: If you have a concern

A service user is entitled to complain about the treatment received.

People on the programme may find that problems from their past can affect their relationship with staff or other service users. We explore these situations to help people get a better understanding of why these problems arise and healthy ways of dealing with them. For example, some people find it very hard to stand up for themselves and use the treatment programme to get better at this.  Others may have had to become good at standing up for themselves, but find that when they do this it leads to relationships failing/ending.

In order to provide an effective service we ask people to let us know if they start to experience problems in their relationships with staff and other service users here.  You can do this in the individual sessions or by asking to meet with a staff member.  We will provide support for people to explore these problems.  If this is not possible, people may want to speak to someone outside the Waterview Centre, and we can arrange for you to speak to a representative of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).  If this does not help to resolve the situation a person may decide that they want to complain about their treatment.

We fully respect the right of any person to complain about the service they receive at the Waterview Centre and can make a complaint here.

Making a complaint can affect your ability to make use of the treatment. This is because treatment involves trying to understand the experiences, thoughts and feelings that sometimes lead to the problems that people experience, rather than trying to establish what went wrong.

If the complaint is about the way the service is delivered, for instance about practical issues to do with the centre and its facilities, we would want to work towards finding a solution to this. If the complaint is about interpersonal issues concerning the way that you feel you have been treated by staff, we will make sure that you have information and support to make a complaint, including access to the PALS service.

However, if we judge that the complaint interferes with our ability to provide effective treatment we may need to ask people to make a decision about whether they want to postpone any formal complaint about their treatment until after they have completed the programme or postpone treatment itself.

More information

For more information about on any aspect of the program, please contact the Waterview Centre on telephone 020 7266 9550 or email waterview.cnwl@nhs.net