Waterview Personality Disorder Service

7A Woodfield Road
London, W9 3XZ
United Kingdom

020 7266 9550

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The Waterview Centre helps people who have long-standing emotional and interpersonal problems resulting from personality disorder. We support people who have a formal diagnosis of a disorder or experience significant problems related to their personality. Specifically, the service is for:

  • People who self-harm
  • People who may cause harm to others and display violent behaviour
  • People in chaotic or unstable relationships
  • People who struggle to manage strong feelings
  • People who have a history of using A&E and inpatient mental health services at times of crisis

How to get referred

We treat residents in the Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster catchment area and currently cannot accept referrals from outside this area. Two places are currently available to Harrow residents managed through the Harrow Psychotherapy Department.

We accept referrals from registered mental health professionals excluding primary care. We do consider referrals from Tier 4 primary care services on a case-by-case basis. Referrals from secondary care mental health teams should be made directly to the referral coordinator at the Waterview Centre. Please refer to guidelines for referrals. To refer a patient, we need the following information:

  • Up to date risk assessment
  • An explanation why our services could be beneficial
  • MHCT clustering tool (in most instances, the client will be in cluster 6, 7 or 8)
  • Details about other services the client has been referred to
  • Details of any current alcohol and substance misuse
  • Street homelessness, which may impact a clients ability to focus on interpersonal change
  • If the client is aware of the referral

The assessment process

During the assessment period, the Waterview Centre does not hold care co-ordination responsibility but can support service users under Lead Professional care by agreement with referring teams.

Service users attend between 2-4 individual appointments to assess the nature and severity of their personality difficulties, risk to self or others, capacity, motivation to use psychological treatment and if treatment has been helpful in the past. Service users also complete a questionnaire. A joint decision between staff and service user is made to decide the best course of treatment.

If after the assessment process, a long term treatment programme is indicated, we arrange a CPA transfer meeting within 6 weeks from the beginning of treatment. When care coordination is formally taken on, the consultant psychiatrist at the Waterview Centre becomes the responsible clinician. 

Group based treatments are delivered at Woodfield Road. Brief intervention, consultation and advice are delivered by Waterview staff at local Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT). Brief intervention consists of 4-8 sessions of individual work and is tailored to the needs of the service user and includes psycho-education, risk and crisis management and solution focused work.

Further Information

Service times

Services are available from 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday.




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