Community drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services

Community drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services provide a range of specialist substance misuse interventions for individuals and families who are affected by the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol. Our outcome data shows people who use our services are more likely to overcome their dependence.

We provide high quality, Care Quality Commission registered substance misuse services in a range of London boroughs to help people overcome their dependence and achieve recovery. Our services are available in:

  • Brent
  • Ealing
  • Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Hillingdon
  • Kensington & Chelsea
  • Westminster

Our community drug and alcohol services have highly skilled, multi-disciplinary teams which include consultant addiction psychiatrists; clinical psychologists; nurses; social workers; employment specialist; peer support workers and 'experts by experience' recovery staff. We work in partnership in local systems with local voluntary sector substance misuse services and mutual aid organisations including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and SMART recovery.

We treat all kinds of substance misuse problems and specialise in providing treatment for those with severe dependency or complex needs. Our services all provide assessment and personalised care planned treatment and recovery packages. We provide:

  • Alcohol treatment, including community detoxification and psychosocial support to either control drinking or maintain abstinence
  • Heroin treatment (medication assisted recovery on oral or injectable substitute prescribing and recovery support OR detoxification and recovery support)
  • Stimulant treatment (crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.)
  • Cannabis treatment
  • 'Club Drugs' and 'legal highs' treatment
  • Blood-borne virus testing and treatment
  • Needle exchange schemes
  • Carer and family support including couples and family therapy.

We also work closely with other professionals, providing:

  • A&E and acute hospital liaison (screening, brief interventions, treatment)
  • 'Shared care schemes' with local GPs and mental health teams
  • Drug testing and treatment in custody suites and probation
  • Training in substance misuse, particularly complex needs and 'club drugs'.

How to access these services

Referrals to our substance misuse services via: self-referrals for NHS or private patients are welcome; or referral by a health, social care or criminal justice professional (GP, social worker, probation officer) by completing a referral form.

Contact our teams directly below:

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