Bladder and bowel (continence) services

Bladder and bowel (continence) services provide continence assessments and advice to people with bowel and bladder problems.

Services aim to promote continence and provide a fully integrated service for the early identification, treatment and management of bladder dysfunction, with or without incontinence. The main remit of the service is to offer an advisory and educational role to other health professionals.

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine and affects people of any age. The severity varies and although rarely life threatening, it may significantly affect quality of life. Types of incontinence include stress, urge, mixed, overflow, functional and chronic retention of urine with or without incontinence.

Following the assessment we may offer treatment, advice, support and products or equipment where necessary. We will also refer you to other specialist services where appropriate.

Eligibility criteria and referrals

Eligibility criteria and referrals vary according to location. For details, choose a service from the list below the map.

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