Speech and language therapy services

Adult speech and language therapy services support adults and their families or carers when communication, eating, drinking or swallowing problems arise.

The teams work closely with patients to assess their needs and agree an appropriate therapy programme. This often involves working closely with other people who are involved in their care.

The problems that speech and language therapists can help with may include:

  • Difficulties with swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Communication disorders which include comprehension and expression of language as well as the inability to articulate clearly
  • A variety of voice disorders ranging from professional voice use to problems following surgery or other procedures
  • Stammering (dysfluency)

Difficulties may result from a stroke, other acquired brain injury, or long-term and progressive neurological disorders. They may also occur as a result of treatments for head and neck cancers, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery (such as laryngectomy). Sometimes problems can occur without any of these things happening.

Eligibility criteria and referrals

Eligibility criteria and referrals vary according to location. For details, choose a service from the list below the map.

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