Camden Accelerated Discharge Service (CADS) is a pathway designed to enable the early discharge of medically unfit patients, from the Royal Free Hospital, whom live in Camden. It is staffed by senior, highly-skilled nurses and paramedics, supported by Senior Healthcare Assistants who work across the Rapid Response Service. One of the team will visit the patient daily during their admission to CADS.

By enabling patients to be discharged earlier from hospital and continue treatment at home, it is proven that there is lower risk of the patient developing hospital acquired infections/secondary infections and the patient has a better chance of returning to their functional baseline quicker. It also helps take of some of the pressures off the acute hospitals by freeing up beds for those patients who are at higher risk of deterioration.

This service is for people who live in Camden and have been an inpatient in the Royal Free Hospital for more than 24 hours.

Patients can come onto our caseload for up to five days. Though, this can be extended to a further five days if/when clinically indicated.

The RFH consultant team continue to remain in charge of an individual patient’s needs while under CADS, however our nurses will contact the consultant team only as required to update and for clinical advice, further reducing the clinical burden on the hospital teams.

A consultant or registrars' care plan must be documented within the patient’s notes prior to discharge from the hospital, including if the patient will require a final medical review at the end of the 5-10 day period of CADS care.


Conditions that CADS can treat/monitor include:

  • Continuation of IV antibiotic treatment at home
  • Monitoring the effects of antibiotic treatments
  • Monitoring the effects of diuretics/overloaded patients
  • Managing exacerbations of chronic conditions
  • Venepuncture and monitoring patient’s blood work to ensure any derange bloods are improving
  • Offloading for CCF (Not IV diuretics)

If you’re uncertain if your patient can be supported, please contact the service to discuss.

  • Those patients who have no further nursing/paramedic/medical need.
  • Only require social care input.
  • Require a full, deep clean of their home environment (therefore would need admission to a temporary residence)
  • Presenting complaint is that of a mental health nature
  • Require rehabilitation in either a community or inpatient setting

We’re only able to offer IV Medicines in the form of boluses and infusions that take less than 30 minutes to infuse and, please note, we do not have access to Infusion Devices.

Maximum daily administration of three times per day (TDS).

We do not offer administration of IV Diuretics.

Patients must have a cannula insitu at the point of discharge (though we can re-cannulate if the Cannula becomes non-patent).

All of the Medications; Flushes; Gravity Giving sets; Other consumables etc, must be sent home with the patient. Failure to do so, will result in a delay to the patient receiving their correct and on time doses.

If the patient is sent home with 0.9% Sodium Chloride flushes that are not pre-drawn up (i.e. PosiFlush), you will need to write a prescription for each 10ml flush that will need to be administered (Pre- and Post-Infusion). (i.e. a BD Bolus of Antibiotic will require 4 flushes per day, a day 5 course would need 20 flushes and a prescription for each flush). We would prefer you provide a PosiFlush or suitable alternative.  

For all antibiotics that require infusion via a gravity giving set, please provide a 50ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride IV Drip bag to enable us to flush the infusion line – this does not require a separate prescription. (One for each planned antibiotic infusion).

The service only accepts referrals from a registered healthcare professional. You are not able to self refer to this service. 

Healthcare professionals can refer by calling the Clinician of the Day on 07717 858 081

We may request details to be emailed to us from your NHS account to but we are unable to accept or discuss potential referrals by email.