At present we cannot provide the drop ins as we are doing no face to face session in the children’s centres

Parents can still access support via the advice and information sheets available across our SLT, Physio and OT services and follow our Facebook page for regular updates.

You can also call the CITS advice line, which will be manned daily on 01895 488 200.

The Children’s Integrated Therapy Service run drop in sessions for parents/carers and school staff to get advice for children who are not on the caseload, but where further advice is needed.

Your child does not need a referral to access a drop in play session or for school staff to get advice on how to support your child.

To find out more information about the 2020 drop in play sessions and how to access, please see below. All sessions run from 9am to 12pm except Pinkwell Children's Centre where they run from 9.30am to 12pm.

  • Thursday 9 January-  Cherry Lane Children’s Centre
  • Friday 17 January- Barra Hall Children’s Centre
  • Wednesday 29 January -  Harefield Children’s Centre
  • Wednesday 12 February – Charville Children’s Centre
  • Thursday 12 March- Uxbridge Children’s Centre

  • Monday 27 January-  Coteford Children’s Centre
  • Wednesday 12 February- Cowley Children’s Centre
  • Tuesday 25 February- McMillan Children’s Centre
  • Wednesday 25 March- Yiewsley Children’s Centre
  • Friday 3 April- Yeading Children’s Centre

  • Wednesday 22 January- Charville Children’s Centre
  • Monday 10 February- Yiewsley Children’s Centre
  • Friday 6 March- Colham Manor Children’s Centre
  • Monday 16 March- Pinkwell Children’s Centre
  • Wednesday 18 March- South Ruislip Children’s Centre

For some parents/carers who have called the advice line, there will be a need for a longer discussion to offer further advice and to help decide next steps following on from their 10 minutes phone advice session offered by the duty therapist.

When this is needed the duty therapist will book you into a 20 minute face to face or phone drop in session. You can choose which option would suit you best.

We can arrange for a face to face interpreter or a phone interpreter to help with the session. Please let the duty therapist know this when the appointment is made with you.

The parent/carer drop in sessions are run every six weeks between 9.30am 2.30pm and will usually be held at Wood End Centre. These sessions are for parents only and your child can go to school as usual.

Your child does not need to have a referral to access the school age parent drop in session.

Please note, parents/carers of children currently known to the mainstream schools speech and language service will have regular contact with their therapist and can call the advice line on 01895 488 200 if they want to speak to their child’s therapist.

Each mainstream state school or college will be offered a termly drop in session where school staff can get advice about a child/children in their class and how to support them in school and possible next steps. These sessions are for school staff to get advice about children not currently on the speech and language therapy caseload.

Larger schools will be offered half termly drop in sessions where needed.

Please note, school staff working with children and young people currently on the mainstream schools speech and language therapy caseload will continue to be offered advice during therapy sessions and/or teacher meetings.

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