Learning disabilities

The CNWL Learning Disabilities Service specialises in assessing and treating people with learning disabilities, who have mental health issues and/or challenging behaviour.

We offer services to people with learning disabilities and mental health needs who require specialist assessment and treatment. We are committed to promoting wellbeing and supporting service users, families and carers. To ensure that each service user receives the care, treatment and transition programme that is best suited to them, we have close interaction based on person-centred planning with services users across our multidisciplinary teams. Our main focus is on a model of positive behaviour, support and recovery.

We deliver a range of community and inpatient assessment, treatment and recovery services for people with a learning disability in the London area and also accept national referrals to our inpatient facilities.

The people we care for:

  • Are aged 18 years and over (16 years and over in exceptional circumstances).
  • Have learning disabilities, mental health issues and/or behaviour management requirements.
  • Male and female (single-sex accommodation is available).
  • Live in the community or are admitted to hospital informally or detained for assessment or treatment under the Mental Health Act.
  • In addition, some people may be transferred from prison, or the courts may order a period in hospital.

We support a range of individuals with learning disabilities who may also have:

  • autism
  • dementia
  • epilepsy
  • mental health diagnoses
  • behavioural difficulties

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