Community recovery mental health

Most mental health problems don't need a psychiatrist. Instead, your GP can give you support, prescribe medication or refer you to a counsellor or therapist.

However, if your mental health problems are more complex and severe, your GP may want to refer you to a specialist mental health service in the community.

Many things can cause mental health problems: physical or mental illness, past experiences, difficult relationships, drug and alcohol problems, or stresses like unemployment or other social factors. Relationships can become difficult and you may find it harder to deal with the various problems of life. So, you may need support with a number of different areas to reach your goals, including:

  • Emotional problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Housing
  • Medicines
  • Money and benefits
  • Work, or something rewarding and useful to do
  • Getting back your self-confidence


The service you are referred to will depend on your individual needs. We have a wide range of community recovery services for adults and their families or carers, including:

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