Perinatal mental health services

Perinatal mental health services provide psychological and psychiatric care for women in childbearing from conception to 12 months post-natally.

Mental illness in pregnancy and after delivery is common: more than one in ten women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year of having a baby.

The NICE guideline for Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health recommends that all pregnant women and new mothers suffering from or at risk of developing a mental illness should access specialist perinatal mental health services.

The vast majority of women with a perinatal mental illness can be treated in the community by their GP and Talking Therapies or through specialist services. But some women may need admission to a Mother and Baby Unit. Download a copy of the Pan London Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) Admission Procedure 

What perinatal mental health services do we offer

CNWL provides a range of services offering perinatal mental health care in community, maternity and inpatient settings through a coordinated multidisciplinary specialist approach across maternity, primary and secondary care, tertiary specialist services, social care and voluntary sector.

Inpatient perinatal mental healthcare

Community Perinatal Health Service


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