Treatment packages

We provide integrated nutritional, medical and psychological care for people with severe eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders.

Parents or carers are involved in treatment.

We offer advice, consultation and education to other professionals, for example, in schools, GP surgeries and to anyone involved in a child’s network.

We offer the following treatment packages:

Family based treatment (FBT). Parents take on the task of feeding their child and we support them to do this, through weekly meetings where we troubleshoot conflicts and difficulties, set meal plans, give advice and tips for coping, and hear every family member’s perspective.  We monitor weight and health at every appointment.

Individual therapy. There are two main models for individual therapy, Adolescent Focused Therapy (AFT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E). In both, eating behaviour, anxieties, thoughts and feelings are explored with the goal of supporting normal eating as well as developing self-esteem, self-awareness, and improving mood.  Individual therapy is usually not the first choice when someone is first in the grip of an eating disorder.   Individual therapy can help very much when your weight is more stable and you are faced with the challenges of coping with friends, school and your own emotions.

Young people with eating disorders also can suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and sometimes self-harm. We take these into account when we offer treatment and offer evidence based treatment for these conditions when appropriate.

Parent groups. We offer the Early Intervention Parents Group, a six session group, introducing parents to the important elements of eating disorders treatment. We also offer a separate parent support group. These groups are highly valued by parents because of the opportunity to support and learn from one another.

Treatment may also include:

Psychiatric reviews are carried out regularly with our Consultants.

Dietetic consultation is offered when appropriate.

Medical monitoring is offered when appropriate.

Contact details:

Address: Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service, 1 Nightingale Place, London SW10 9NG
Phone: 020 3315 2104

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Arranging a carers assessment

  • If you are a friend or loved one who supports someone with an eating disorder, arranging a carer's assessment might be helpful. Please visit our friends and family page to learn more.