Management of patients at high medical risk

Our facilities are located next to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and good joint working with medical colleagues allows us to safely manage service users with exceptionally high levels of medical risk.

The majority of patients can be managed safely within the eating disorder ward, allowing access to specialist psychological care alongside the high level of need for nutritional and physical healthcare.

  • Service users can be nursed in an acute hospital-style bed with appropriate pressure mattresses. 
  • Nasal-gastric feeding can be provided when required (although our philosophy of care is focused on the need for patients to learn to feed themselves whenever safe to do so).
  • Specialist dietetic, medical and psychiatric care is well integrated.
  • Access to individual, group and family psychological therapies is encouraged and tailored to individual patient and family needs.

When care in an acute medical setting is required, medical and eating disorder teams work closely together.

  • Care is led in partnership between specialist gastroenterology and eating disorder consultants.
  • One-to-one nursing care is provided by the eating disorder service, alongside acute hospital nursing care, to ensure high quality nutritional, behavioural and psychological support.
  • Joint medical, psychiatric, dietetic and nursing review can be provided daily if required, and weekly as a minimum standard.
  • Excellent liaison between eating disorder and psychiatric liaison teams ensures excellent psychiatric cover out of hours.
  • Acute hospital care is minimised by the capacity for rapid transfer and effective joint working between eating disorder and acute hospital services.
  • For those being treated under the Mental Health Act, the eating disorder consultant provides continuity of the Responsible Officer role across the two services.

Contact details:

Address: Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service, 1 Nightingale Place, London SW10 9NG
Phone: 020 3315 2104

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