Outpatient eating disorders treatment

The outpatient treatment programme provides a range of evidence based therapies for people with eating disorders.

Typically, these therapies are cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or cognitive analytical therapy (CAT) extending over 40 sessions for anorexia nervosa and 20 for bulimia nervosa.

Long-term outpatient treatment may be offered for those with chronic severe illness, where specialist treatment is necessary to maintain slow progress toward recovery or to prevent deterioration. Patients are usually seen once a week and each session lasts for approximately an hour.

We also offer family therapy for those that would benefit from this service. The number of sessions will depend on the therapeutic needs of each patient.
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During treatment, responsibility for medical care and prescribing of any medication remain with the patient's GP, with access to specialist medical review at Vincent Square when required. We aim to maintain good liaison and consultation with other services involved in care throughout treatment and follow-up.

Those assessed as needing urgent treatment, usually due to high medical or psychiatric risk, are offered start of treatment as soon as possible. This is usually within two to 12 weeks.

Contact details:

Address: Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service, 1 Nightingale Place, London SW10 9NG
Phone: 020 3315 2104

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