Health and wellbeing

In 2017, we were awarded an Achievement Award by the Mayor of London in recognition of the significant support we offer staff and the contribution this makes to us having a healthy workplace.

We offer a range of services to support staff health and wellbeing and you can read more about some of these below.

CNWL Occupational Health Service

Our Occupational Health Service can help you to:

  • Stay fit and protect your health at work
  • Handle illness or disability with minimum effects on your health and performance at work.

For more information, visit our Occupational Health Service website.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - People at Work

We work in partnership with People at Work, to offer our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

This free and confidential service can help you with personal problems or other issues including:

  • Emotional support
  • Coping with stress and depression
  • Citizens advice
  • Financial and debt planning
  • Careers coaching
  • Planning for retirement.

Wellbeing Zone

Our Wellbeing Zone is a free and confidential online health and wellbeing resource that offers you a combination of personally tailored programmes and general health information and support.

Our Wellbeing Zone includes the following features:

  • Wellbeing assessment: complete the assessment wheel and find out your wellbeing score
  • Goal setting: set your wellbeing goals for a wide range of lifestyle issues
  • Logbook: record your progress¬†
  • Programmes: pick up your recommended fitness, activity and stress management programmes, with video support
  • Community: you can opt in to connect with friends from CNWL and exchange messages and status updates to keep each other motivated to achieve your wellbeing goals.

You can do all this from your PC or on an IOS and Android smartphone device by downloading the Wellbeing Zone free app.

Staying Well at Work Service

We have launched our Staying Well at Work Service Pilot to offer tailored employment related support to staff with severe and long term mental health problems. The support we offer is based on the person's needs in relation to their job and we can help staff to develop and maintain wellbeing strategies for work.

Physio Med

Physio Med offers an education zone, advice line and treatment service. Staff can learn more about a specific condition or injury on Physio Med's online education zone called 'Know your body'. It also provides valuable information on how to best prevent injuries and conditions. Understanding a condition can benefit your treatment and recovery programme.

Physio Med's advice line delivers quick, evidence-based, expert intervention and advice for muscle and joint problems from a senior chartered physiotherapist. You can be referred to the advice line by CNWL Occupational Health Service. The advice line is designed to reduce the aggravation of injuries and help recovery. Staff using the advice line will be given a self-management plan consisting of advice and video exercises. Face-to-face physiotherapy may be arranged, if needed.

Health and wellbeing training prospectus

In conjunction with the CNWL Wellbeing & Recovery College, we offer a range of health and wellbeing courses for staff. Some focus on physical health and others on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Many of our sites also have physical exercise classes on offer such as Zumba and yoga.

Health and wellbeing