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  • EbE newsletter – April 2024

    Posted on 22 April 2024

    The first edition of the newsletter shares insights on how to recruit an Expert by Experience (EbE) colleague to support your improvement work and features two…

  • International Chief Quality Officers visit CNWL Improvement Academy

    Posted on 19 April 2024

    CNWL’s Improvement Academy continues to reach international levels following a visit from aspiring Chief Quality Officers in March.

  • Improving the management of peripheral arterial disease at Camden Podiatry

    Posted on 7 February 2024

    Camden Podiatry service has been able to improve the detection, diagnosis and management of peripheral arterial disease.

  • CNWL Improvement Academy Hi - January 2024

    Posted on 8 January 2024

    A new year already and a great time to pause, take stock, reflect on the last year, acknowledge achievements and start to look ahead and make plans for 2024.

  • Reducing waiting times for ASC assessments: Continuing the improvement journey at Milton Keynes Community Paediatrics Service

    Posted on 3 January 2024

    The Community Paediatric Service has been able to reduce the waiting time from referral to diagnosis for children aged 11 years and older.

  • Meaningful coproduction with patients and carers in improvement work

    Posted on 2 January 2024

    Quality Improvement (QI) is key to CNWL’s work and two years ago the Trust formed an Improvement Academy (IA) to support this, with 3,272 staff now trained in…