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Prospectus of educational courses

Our prospectus offers a variety of training options for staff and partners interested in learning more about quality improvement. The educational programme will assist staff in starting their own improvement project, support those leading teams in delivering a project and ultimately train them to coach others in the methodology if staff wish to work towards level four training. 

Download the prospectus here.

Inside you’ll discover what the Improvement Academy has to offer you. You’ll learn what our graduates have achieved and what our students say about our courses.

The QI Clinic is here to support your improvement ideas:

Book time with us today to discuss.

We are excited to announce that we have listened to your feedback and have increased our QI Clinic time slots from 20 to 30 minutes. So take the opportunity today to book a QI Clinic slot while they are still available!

To book, send a request stating your preferred date and time to cnw-tr.improvementsupport@nhs.net and we shall confirm back to you with a diary invite and link to your QI clinic slot with a member of the Improvement Academy.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Level 1: Bronze QI Training – Bitesize

Places for the next virtual workshop can be booked as normal through the Learning and Development Zone (LDZ).

Bitesize QI provides a comprehensive introduction to Quality Improvement and is the best place to start your improvement journey.  It is a half day, interactive workshop where you will learn about the Model for Improvement, and the different elements involved in an improvement project. 

Bitesize QI is currently being delivered as a virtual course and runs every month.  Book your place on LDZ

How long is the Bitesize QI workshop?

Half a day. 

Can teams come to the workshop together? 

Yes, though as all sessions are being run virtually, you will need to ensure that you agree a space for your team to take part together and in line with all local covid restrictions.   

How long will Bitesize be delivered virtually? 

Due to unprecedented times we cannot give a date as to when Bitesize will once again become an in-person workshop. When we do know, we will notify our improvement community via this website and social media channels. 

Is it open to service users and carers? 

Yes, all of our core training sessions are open to all.   The Patient Engagement Team has also developed some training specifically for service users and carers interested in getting involved with QI.

Could I arrange Bitesize for my team?  

While we encourage staff to attend the scheduled course dates, it may be appropriate to run a bespoke Bitesize session for a team or group.  Email the quality improvement team on cnw-tr.improvementsupport@nhs.net to discuss further. 

Got any further questions? Contact our team.

Level 2: Silver QI Training

Training for staff who want to start a QI project as a Project team leader. This workshop based programme is delivered over 1.5 days and also forms part of the 21CLP. Support is also provided via our QI clinics and Improvement Coaches. A bespoke version of this is also provided to Medical Trainees.

Book your place on LDZ


Level 2: Medical Trainee QI Training

The QI and Medical Education teams have been working hard to improve our Quality Improvement training and support for medical trainees.  We now have a dedicated Quality Improvement and Medical Education Fellow in post, available to provide one-to-one support for trainees working on QI projects. 

We have also developed bespoke training for both medical trainees and supervisors. You can watch a video of the most recent training for trainees here.  Dates for future training will be advertised direct to trainees and supervisors.  

We also hold a monthly 'QI Clinic' where trainees can book a slot to bring their projects for discussion and advice from our QI leads - please contact cnw-tr.improvementsupport@nhs.net for session details.

Level 3: Gold Quality Improvement (QI) Training – Senior Leaders 

Applications are now open for Level 3 Gold QI Training, starting September 2022. This training is aimed at Senior Leaders (Band 8a and above) who want to facilitate or sponsor teams doing QI projects. This workshop based programme is delivered over a three month period with attendance at three half day sessions. This course offers training and tools to help Sponsor an improvement project and support teams to either adopt an improvement approach or to undertake QI projects. 

To book your place or for more information, go to LDZand scroll down to Level 3 Quality Improvement (QI) Gold Training under the Improvement Academy (Quality Improvement) block. The deadline to apply for the course is 5pm on 5 August 2022. If you have any further queries, please email QI team on cnw-tr.improvementsupport@nhs.net 

Improvement Practicum

The Practicum is a 6-month programme that is designed to support teams to plan, deliver and sustain improvements on divisional priorities.  This programme combines formal teaching, workshops and wrap-around support from coaches and sponsors. 

The 2022 Practicum starts in October 2022 and will run until April 2023.

To find out more, please read the Application Guidance here (opens link)

To apply as an improvement project team, please download and submit the Application Form here (opens link)

Level 4: Improvement Coach Development Programme Next Cohort early 2023

Training for staff who want to become an Improvement Coach and have protected time to coach their local teams on improvement. The course includes 10 days of training over a 6 month period.

It is strongly recommended that anyone applying for this course has completed Level 1 Bronze QI Training (Bitesize) and Level 2 Silver QI Project Leader Training prior to applying.

Staff completing QI Coach training will be expected to coach improvement projects in their area after completion of the programme. 

The next cohort is due to start in early 2023.

If you would like to find out more and/or register your interest for the next cohort please email cnw-tr.improvementsupport@nhs.net.  A member of the QI Team will then be in touch to discuss the Programme with you.

  • Learn how to coach improvement teams on how to develop, test, and implement changes   
  • Learn how to use the Model for Improvement and Six Stages of Improvement as a roadmap to improvement 
  • Support teams to identify change ideas and testing them using PDSA cycles   
  • Become skilled in how to use data for improvement, including how to use run charts, statistical process control charts and other key quality improvement tools   
  • Build skills in team facilitation, communication, decision making, and understanding team culture   
  • Apply just-in-time teaching of improvement skills to team members in order to advance the team’s work   
  • Learn change theory 
  • Learn concepts of implementation, sustainability, and scale-up   
  • Leave with a specific plan for how you will continue  coaching your team and prepare yourself to coach subsequent teams   

​​​​​​​Essential Criteria for application   

  • CNWL Member of Staff   
  • Experience of undertaking a QI project  
  • Evidence of completing previous QI training 
  • Able to commit 2 hours per week to coach QI project teams   
  • Managerial support for application 

Core Training dates and applications forms will be posted here before the next Programme.

Other QI training

The QI team also provides a range of training and support to programmes that are running across the Trust.  Attendance is by invitation only, based on your participation in these programmes.  The key programmes we support are: 

  • Level 3: Gold Management Fundamentals: this programme is designed to support senior clinicians to develop management and leadership skills.  Led by the CNWL Chair, Dot Griffiths, and Trust Medical Director, Con Kelly, this year long programme includes significant input from the QI team.  All participants must play a leading role in a QI project which they present to the group at a celebration event to close the programme.  The 2021 programme started in April with 24 consultants taking part. 
  • Level 1: Bronze Nurse Preceptorship QI Training: this programme is aimed at newly or recently qualified nurses who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge as they embark on their careers.  The QI team have delivered a bespoke version of Bitesize to participants in the 2020/21 cohorts and continue to work with the Nurse Education team to develop an introduction to QI that meets the needs of this group of staff.  The next cohort will start in autumn 2021, with QI sessions being delivered later in the year.