An Improvement Advisor provides extra support for those projects working on one of the Trust’s priority areas. They also have expertise in improvement methods and tools.

They also have responsibility for:

  • Teaching to staff and service users in improvement methods and tools
  • Strategic support for the divisions in defining improvement priorities, aligning QI work and building QI capability
  • Regular supervision sessions with Improvement Coaches in the division
  • Alert clinical / service director and sponsors of projects that are not progressing 

Improvement Coaches work closely with the Improvement Advisors to undertake coaching of QI projects in their service or geographical area.

You may consider engaging an Improvement  Coach to help with ad hoc support such as advice on how to access training or choosing your measures. You could ask for help with the setup of your QI project or if you're stuck and need some guidance to move forward. Improvement Coaches sometimes become part of your QI project team to coach projects end to end. This usually would only apply if your project aligns to a key trust priority area. 

Goodall and Corporate

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, Improvement Advisor (Goodall and Corporate)



Peter Toohey, Improvement Advisor (Diggory)



Bridget Browne, Improvement Advisor (Jameson)


Improvement Academy Faculty

The Improvement Academy is sponsored by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Cornelius Kelly. All CNWL's Executive Directors play an active part in the Improvement Academy. The Improvement Academy is led by Alison Butler and Dr Simon Edwards.

Simon Edwards

Clinical Lead, Improvement Academy

Peter Toohey

Improvement Advisor                            (Diggory)

Sam Díaz Hernández

Improvement Coach



Jahida Khan (Jay)

QI Officer

On maternity leave

Alison Butler

Director of Improvement


Peter Smith 

Improvement Advisor (Goodall and Corporate)

Isaac Obeng

Improvement Coach

Geetika Singh 

Head of QI Team

Bridget Browne

Improvement Advisor (Jameson Division)

Vernanda Julien

Improvement Coach

Honorary Faculty Membership

We are pleased to offer staff, either internally or externally, the opportunity to become Honorary Faculty members. This membership will be awarded to individuals who:

  • Have completed and shared their improvement work
  • Are recognised for their improvement expertise and / or have taught improvement methodologies
  • Are able to dedicate some of their time to contribute to the Academy’s education and/or development programmes, either in an advisory capacity or delivering training.

This is a voluntary arrangement and is not a contract of employment.

If you are interested in joining as an Honorary Faculty Member please contact

Sandra Jayacodi

Honorary Faculty, Service User Representative

Gareth Jarvis

Jameson Division Medical Director


Medical Education and Quality Improvement Fellow

Janet Seale

Honorary Faculty, Carer Representative

Dr Paul Hopper

Goodall Division Medical Director

Phillip Perkins

Honorary Faculty, Carer Representative

Lucy Palmer

Head of Patient and Carer Involvement 

Mike Waddington

Communications Director