Safety Conversation Day November 2022

Safety Day Posters 2022

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P000 Power of Parternship Working Poster - Safety Conference 2022 (002).pdf
P001 Warfarin Administration by Community Nurses – Lessons Learnt.pdf
P002 A Quality Improvement Masterclass for Trainees.pdf
P003- Improving staff awareness and confidence levels in the management of clients with EUPD Borderline Personality Disorder....pdf
P004 Staying steady safety flowchart for the management of the unresponsive patient who is breathing.pdf
P005 Opioid Misuse in Pregnant Women and Women with Young Children.pdf
P006 Factors Associated with the Acceptance of Viral Hepatitis Interventions in Opiate Dependent Patients.pdf
P007 Psychological digital devices - improving patient treatment engagement and digital inclusion.pdf
P008 Improving staff supervision and appraisal.pdf
P009 Towards Hepatitis C Elimination in LB Hounslow-Part 1 The Invictus Project.pdf
P010 Improving the screening and diagnosis of delirium for older adult patients admitted to Hillingdon Hosp.pdf
P011 A review of attendance to a regional Rapid Access Prescribing (RAP) clinic + Prescript for Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST).pdf
P012 HMP Woodhill HITT Programme.pdf
P013 Health Inequalities at HMP Woodhill.pdf
P014 Improving Accessibility Within Bucks Priority Dental Service.pdf
P015 Rethinking our pathways – improving time taken for ASC assessment in Milton Keynes.pdf
P016 Recovery Day Programme.pdf
P017 Keep it QIPP keep it social - making data social - accessible and loved in Comm. Nursing MK.pdf
P018 They gave me my life back– supporting patients with catheters with specialist clinics.pdf
P019 Reducing the age where transitional care is started for Children with Complex Needs.pdf
P020 A prescribing shock and keeping your cool.pdf
P021 Improving Safety for Children and Young People with Dysphagia.pdf
P022 Lets get physical.pdf
P023 Patient or Carer Administration of as-needed subcutaneous medication.pdf
P024 Improving the Visual Assessment Pathway for People with Stroke in the Community.pdf
P025 Pressure Ulcer Prevention Gospel Oak CICH Team.pdf
P026 An Audit into the physical health monitoring of patients prescribed antipsychotic medication...pdf
P027 Whole team approach to safety and retention.pdf
P028 Improving Physical Health Care on an Acute Mental Health Ward.pdf
P029 Addictions After Treatment follow up call project .pdf
P030 Complex Case Supervision in Lifespan Eating Disorders Service.pdf
P031 Vision Screening Follow up.pdf
P032 Safety and Coping Planning with children and young people in A&E.pdf
P033 Babies cry, you can cope .pdf
P034 Boats Not Bars Poster.pdf
P035 REFRESHED A trauma-informed approach for a young adult prison.pdf
P036 A Quality Improvement Project to improve communication with patients in relation to section 136 (s136) detention in St Mary's Hospital A&E.pdf
P037 Glucometer Safety External Quality Assurance.pdf
P038 Medical Devices Safety - Medical Devices not presented for service .pdf
P039 Implementing ALERT at CNWL.pdf
P040 NEWS 2 App- Enhanced- CNWL improvement awards.pdf
P041 Hillingdon district nursing Clinical Facilitator role Safety conversation Oct 2022.pdf
P042 SAfety Awards_Poster_CAre home work.pdf
P043 Standardising the induction process (002).pdf
P044 Addictions Woodhill Medicine Management poster.pdf
P045 Addictions Safety Pledges Poster.pdf
P046 Integrated Case Review Health Visiting and Family Support.pdf
P047 Poster pptx Seacole Home 1st therapy Pedominators.pptx main.pdf
P048 Reducing CAUTI poster.pdf
P049 Milton Keynes 0-19 Children's Universal Health Services - Safety Poster.pdf
P050 Clinical pharmacist input into CAMHS Community teams.pdf
P051 Brent CAMHS Awards_Poster_Template (2).pdf
P052 CANDI WCS Service Improvement Poster 102022.pdf
P053 Coach Programme Poster.pdf
P054 See, Think, Act in MK.pdf
P055 sickle.pdf
P056 safety pods.pdf
P057 Goodall Immunisation Service.pdf
P058 Getting the best for our community HFrEF diabetic patients through Collaborative working.pdf
P059 QI forum poster Improving team meetings.pdf
P060 WICU and Seacole Introduction of tACP Safety Poster 2022.pdf
P061 WICU tACP CMP poster 2022.pdf
P062 WICU Training of the Month- safety conversation 2022 (003).pdf
P063 Social Media to prevent long term development needs in Children .pdf
P064 Waiting Well - Support for Parents and Carers of Children Waiting for Social Communication Assessment.pdf
P065 Safety poster - Nutrition Reviews in Camden 181022.pdf
P066 Katie Taylor, Management of Asthma in Schools – Hillingdon School Nursing.pdf
P067 Development of a new clinic.pdf
P068 Awards_Poster_Improving Safety in the Workplace.pdf
P069 Effective caseload management strategies for a community mental health team.pdf
P070 Safety Conversation 2022 - Think - MK Mental Health Services.pdf
P071 Art and Craft.pdf
P072 Colne Ward outdoor gym.pptx1.pdf
P073 Online Contraception - Audit of reasons when ‘prescription was not sent’ and changes made to further improve ‘prescription sent’ rates.pdf
P074 HIV Services - Seeking the Patients’ Perspective.pdf
P075 Contributions of Frays Ward Activities.png
P076 Improving quality and satisfaction with handover at Riverside Centre.pdf
P077 CMHT Book Club –A Staff Wellbeing Improvement Project.pdf
P078 MaST.pdf
P079 Using data to reduce falls on our Impatient units.pdf
P080 Lower limb wound care pathway.pdf
P081 EPMA_poster v.3.pdf
P082 Brent QIPv5.pdf
P083 Step 2 Groups Harrow - Improvement Awards Poster.pdf
P084 Complex Emotional Needs poster - Harrow - Improvement Awards.pdf
P085 clozapine tracker poster final1.pdf
P086 Improving Brent CMHT OPHA Referral Triage System.pdf
P087 DIALOG+.pdf
P088 2022 Bluebell Safety Poster.pdf
P089 Open Dialogue Poster Safety Conv 24.10.22.pdf
P090 Stepped Care Pathway into Westminster CAMHS.pdf
P091 Triage Safety PPT.pdf
P092 DSP ROLE Poster 22102022.pdf
P093 safety Poster 2 Enhancing Safety in Caudal Epidurals.pdf
P094 Improving physical health monitoring in service users with severe mental illness within community forensic.pdf
P095 Oxehealth Poster.pdf
P096 Human Factors Project Poster 2022.pdf
P097 Addictions Final National Centre for Gaming Disorders (general) poster (002).pdf
P098 Addictions. Gaming Clinic. Child to Parent violence Poster.pdf
P099 Improving Milton Keynes ADHD Pathway.pdf
P100 ADIT Poster Presentation copy Safety Conversation 2022.pdf
P101 Awards_Poster_Template 2CGR Goes Green.pdf
P102 Precaution is better than cure. Online Safety in an Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit.pdf
P103 Exploring the effectiveness of virtual CBT for depression and anxiety co-morbid with drug and alcohol dependency.pdf
P104 REST team Safety Poster.pdf
P105 Screening for Monkeypox in Prison Settings.pdf
P106 Awards_Poster - Waiting Times Initiative - ACTUAL.pdf
P107 Reviewing the Suitability of Step 2 Psychology Groups.pdf
P108 Improving Access to Addictions: Waiting Times Eliminated.pdf
P109 psychosocial waiting times board cw (002).pdf
P110 Example of Good Collaborative Working.pdf
P111 CAMHS Spreadathon Improvement Awards poster FINAL 2022-10-24.pdf
P112 Safer Staffing in Primary care - Health and Justice KL 2022-10-24.pdf
P113 Sharing learning from incidents - Weekly Datix - H&J 2022-10-24.pdf
P114 improving training in Brent.pdf
P115 Improving the cardio – metabolic assessment and management of patients with Severe Mental Illness under the Hillingdon Home Treatment Team.pdf

Improvement Academy Awards

CNWL held its first annual Improvement Awards on Friday 6 May 2022 to celebrate new initiatives that make practical improvements to clinical and corporate services.

28 teams from across the Trust entered the award poster competition. The top five entries receive a trophy and presentation. You can view all the poster entries below.

Improvement Posters

Safety Conversation Day 2021

CNWL held an online safety conversation day for staff today, hosted by Dr Cornelius Kelly, CNWL’s Chief Medical Officer, and Maria O’Brien, Chief Nurse. The day focused on a range of safety topics including team-based practice and learning, creating a safety culture, anticipatory care, reliable recognition, learning lessons and improvement through co-production.

Almost 400 staff joined the event online and staff submitted 117 posters to the safety awards with four winners and six runners up (announced below), including a special Chair’s Award.

The posters from the winners and runners up can be viewed on this page (opens link). Staff can view all the poster submissions by searching 'safety conversation 2021' on Trustnet. 

Safety Conversation Day 2020

All posters submitted into six categories at our 2020 event can be viewed below.

Overall, the posters received over 4,000 downloads!