Self-harm is how some young people try to deal with difficult and overwhelming feelings that build up inside them. It refers to a broad range of behaviours that involve harming yourself or putting yourself at risk of being harmed, physically and emotionally. Self harming behaviours include cutting, burning, scratching, hitting objects, drinking too much, drug overdoses and putting yourself in risky situations. CAMHS can help people find better ways of managing difficult and overwhelming feelings.

If you are harming yourself or having thoughts about ending your life it is very important that you talk to an adult you trust or your therapist or GP. If you are worried that you can’t keep yourself safe you should go to your local hospital accident and emergency department.

Alternatively, you can call Samaritans, a confidential helpline, telephone 08457 90 90 90; or ChildLine, a free and confidential support and advice service for children and young people, telephone 0800 1111.

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