The rules at Collingham are very important to us. They help to make Collingham a safe and friendly place to be.

 The three most important rules are:

  1. No bullying and respecting others. This means that people come in all shapes, sizes, skin colour, and with different religious practices and speaking different languages. Whoever we are and whatever our views are, we are all equally important. We should learn from one another.
  2. No hitting or hurting others. When you feel angry or upset, find a safe place to calm down and speak to the staff.
  3. No damaging property. We will expect you or your parents/carers to pay for any damage.

There are other rules about bedtimes which are different depending on your age. Sleep is very important for good health. There are also rules about when children can play on the pool table or use the computer and of course there are rules when you are in school. These will be explained to you when you arrive.