What happens before I come to Collingham?

Staff from Collingham come to a meeting at the clinic near your home. We talk about the difficulties you and your family have to see if we can help.

If we think we can help you, we invite you and your family to Collingham to have a look around. You and your family will have lots of chances to ask any questions. We will discuss and agree goals for you and your family to work on during your stay at Collingham.

What happens at Collingham?

At Collingham we have a day programme between 9am to 3.30pm. This includes school. Children go to the classrooms during this time where they work in small groups to do their school work and other activities. The groups are very small with usually only six children in a group with at least two adults to help.

Children will also have individual time (one to one time) with the doctors, the psychologists, other therapists and nurses. During this time you may have some assessments done or spend the time talking about difficulties. The doctors will look after your health and think with you and your family whether medicines might be helpful to you.

In the evenings the children have lots of nice things to do. There are lots of toys and games, a pool table and lots of computers. Children help out with chores and sometimes have homework to do. We ask all parents/carers to phone children each evening between 6pm and 8pm and to visit on a Wednesday evening if possible. Children sometimes go out to the shops/local parks and other places after school too.

Children go to bed between 8.30pm and 9pm and there are two staff who stay awake all night to make sure that the children are safe and well. Children can either choose to have a room on their own or to share.