Criteria which would exclude children from receiving treatment at Collingham Child and Family Centre:

  • Young people who present in a manner which may have a detrimental effect on the care and treatment of other children in the service
  • Young people with a primary diagnosis of substance misuse
  • Young people who are in need of secure care in forensic services
  • Young people whose principal referral criteria is the breakdown of family or placement
  • Young people who are currently in secure placements provided by local authorities who in the first instance should be referred to the national forensic service.
  • Young people who are unsuitable for treatment under the service on clinical grounds and are unlikely to benefit from treatment
  • Where the parents or the child have not validly consented to the treatment provided if able to do so
  • Young people who present with unreasonable behaviour unacceptable to the centre. This will include extreme violence or behaviour, which affects the health and wellbeing of other patients