Bullying is when someone does something on purpose to upset or hurt another emotionally, mentally or physically. The bullying can be by anyone – friends, family, other students or a someone online – but this does not mean it is ok.

Bullying can happen face to face (individually or in a group) or online (phone, email or social media)– and can take different forms including name calling, spreading rumours, physical violence, or be called ‘teasing’ or ‘banter’.

For someone being bullied, it can be a very difficult time and can effect their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing including

  • Feeling worried or scared
  • Being sad or depress
  • Embarrassment
  • Loneliness or low self esteem
  • Problems with eating or sleeping
  • Low mood and loss of interest in activities
  • Scared or no interest in going to school and grades worsening
  • Losing or damaged belongs or asking for/taking money

 No matter who or how someone is bullying you, it is not ok.

Tips that can help if you are being bullied

  1. Talk to an adult you trust.
  2. Remember it is not your fault and it is not ok for someone to bully you.

Parents and Carers – how you can support your child

  • Have an open conversation in private – find a time you won’t be interrupted and somewhere they feel comfortable speaking
  • Be calm and patient
  • Support and reassure them
  • Openly explore and agree next steps together

Where to find more information and tools on bullying