Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)

ASD describes a particular pattern of difficulties with socialising, communication and behaviour. People diagnosed with ASD often like certain routines, find change difficult and have very specific interests.

It’s called a spectrum disorder because although people with autism all share certain difficulties, these will affect them in different ways.

Some people with autism can do a lot on their own, while others need more support. Some people will have normal or above-normal intelligence and this is sometimes called Asperger’s syndrome.

Where to get help and support

If you feel you would like support with suspected ASD, please contact your GP in the first instance who can advise on most appropriate referral route and next steps.

Further information can also be found here:

  • National Autistic Society: further information about autistic spectrum disorders
  • Child Line: a free and confidential support service for children and young people (telephone 0800 1111).