Posted on: 21 July 2023

I’m really excited to write our first Improvement Academy Hi! . This quarterly communication will share our latest Improvement Academy news across the system to our partners and stakeholders.

Empowering our senior leaders to lead improvement work has never been so important in the NHS, especially with the NHS Impact approach to improvement.

Today we announced that we have been awarded CPD accreditation for our Leading Improvement for Senior Leaders course, something that I’m passionate about and congratulations to the Improvement Academy faculty for achieving this.

IA Hi - July 2023.jpg

To support the wider improvement system and community, the Improvement Academy will be offering this course externally to senior leaders who want to strengthen how they lead improvement in their services. If you or your senior leaders would like to find out more and attend the day, please do get in touch.

Keeping on the theme of supporting our senior leaders, on the 6 July Dr Con Kelly (CMO), Prof Dot Griffiths (our retired Chair), Dr Simon Edwards (Deputy CMO) and I celebrated the completion of our Management Fundamentals 2022 programme. This was a 10-month programme designed to develop our senior clinical leaders. At the event we heard 22 inspiring improvement presentations from our clinical leaders.

To find out more about what’s happening at the Improvement Academy, why not take a look at our July newsletter here

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