Posted on: 19 June 2023

CNWL’s Improvement Academy has published its annual report for 2022, highlighting the successes and challenges of the past 12 months, exploring key case studies, and looking at next steps for the future.

You can view the report in full here.

The report states: “The IA has delivered its planned activities in the last year and achieved a significant level of engagement, improvement and project success. We are now self-sufficient in providing all improvement training in-house and have expanded this in 2022 to offer a broader education programme.

“Using a QI and improvement approach is now ‘business as usual’ in many areas of the Trust and there is wide evidence of staff using improvement methodologies to address their ‘wicked problems’. We have also now adopted a QI approach to deliver the strategic priorities of the Trust.

“It is clear that the organisation is now in a stronger position as a result of its QI and improvement work and we will continue to progress this in 2023.”

The primary aims for the year 2023 include:

  • Continued work to increase the level of meaningful Expert by Experience involvement in improvement work
  • Additional accredited training courses offered
  • Increased improvement capability within our senior leaders via the Level 3 training
  • Completion of the Improvement Collaborative 2022-23
  • More training to be offered to our external partners
  • The development of more articles and papers showcasing our improvement work nationally and internationally
  • Continuation of building CNWL’s reputation as a leader in improvement

If you’re a CNWL staff member and you want to get involved in QI work, then have a look at the Improvement Academy’s Trustnet page.