Posted on: 29 March 2018

Spring at Last!

Spring is in the air as the green shoots of our QI community continue to grow. We now have 84 active projects on Life QI . 170 staff members have registered with IHI Open School for the excellent online training, and 235 IHI Open School courses have now been completed.

We have two major QI events coming up that will bring our staff together to share learning about all things QI. The Spring Quality Improvement Learning Event is on 16 April and the Improvement Science In Action (ISIA) programme with IHI is on 16, 17 and 18 May.  There’s been a lot of interest in both events, remember to keep an eye on the QI microsite  for future training events.

Completed QI projects 

We now have two completed projects that have both achieved outstanding sustainable results under our belts:

The liaison psychiatry department at Northwick Park Hospital aimed to improve their responsiveness to ward referrals by switching from accessing records in a remote office to accessing them via laptop computers, cutting out a 30 minute round trip between the office and the wards. This project increased the proportion of staff that are able to access health records in the hospital from 25% to 75%.

A project in Sexual Health aimed to improve the rate of call response times at their Central Booking Office in Mortimer Market. This has resulted in a sustained improvement with call responses now exceeding 95%. This improvement has coincided with a significant reduction in negative feedback from callers to the service about lengthy call response times.  

Scoring your projects 

For those of you currently involved in active QI projects, please remember to regularly review and update your project scores on Life QI. This needs to be done manually as project scores do not update automatically. 

The progress scoring is as follows:

Score     Progress
0.5   Intent to participate
1.0 Charter and team established
1.5 Planning for the project has begun
2.0 Activity but no changes
2.5 Changes tests, but no improvement
3.0 Modest Improvement
3.5 Improvement
4.0 Significant improvement
4.5 Sustainable improvement

Outstanding sustainable results


Congratulations to those of you whose projects have achieved (or are on their way to achieving) significant improvement (4.0), sustainable improvement (4.5), or outstanding sustainable results. 
To celebrate these successes our Chief Executive, Claire Murdoch, will be presenting certificates at the Spring learning event .     

Spring Quality Improvement learning event – 16 April 2018

Our first QI Learning Event is now fully subscribed. If for whatever reason you are no longer able to attend please let us know so that we can give your place to someone currently on the waiting list.

Please email and let us know at