Posted on: 27 November 2020

CNWL held an online Safety Conversation Day on 12 November attended by 400 staff, as part of the day teams and services were invited to create posters showcasing their improvement work on safety. There were seven poster categories, including a Quality Improvement (QI) Project category, with a winner announced for each one.

QI projects from across CNWL submitted a total of 52 posters displaying how conducting a QI project lead to an improvement in safety.

Alison Butler, QI Programme Director, commented “This was a great opportunity for teams to showcase their wonderful QI work, share their learning and inspire others to start a QI project. I particularly wanted to thank all those staff who submitted QI posters despite facing the additional challenge of Covid-19. We saw some great examples of how utilising QI methodologies can support improvement in safety.”

The winner of the QI Project category was Harrow CAMHS for improving the efficiency of referral to treatment. Before Harrow CAMHS started their QI project parents and families were experiencing long waiting times before receiving mental health advice. Through the QI approach the Harrow CAMHS Team went above their minimum referral to treatment target, which was 85%, and achieved their aim of 90% of referrals being seen within 18 weeks.

The team championed the QI approach for helping staff understand where improvements can be made without additional funding, this was done through informed feedback from staff and patients.

Two runners up were also announced for the QI Project category. 3 Beatrice Place was recognised for their poster detailing how they reduced falls on their ward. The HIV Team at the Mortimer Market Centre was praised for their work on improving the domestic abuse screening process for people living with HIV.

Due to the success of the Safety Conversation Day another one is planned for late spring with details to be announced soon.

View the posters submitted by Harrow CAMHS, 3 Beatrice Place and The HIV Team at the Mortimer Market Centre below. 

Harrow CAMHS: Improving efficiency of referral to treamtment 

3 Beatrice Place: Our falls prevention journey 

The HIV Team at the Mortimer Market Centre: Routine domestic abuse screening in people living with HIV