Posted on: 12 July 2019

260 Active QI projects on Life QI 
45 Completed QI Projects
1163 Staff registered on Life QI

How QI can support Improving Safety

This month we focus on an aspect of Quality Improvement (QI) that is central to our work in the NHS; using the QI approach to improve the safety of staff and patients.  A QI project may be focused on improving a process or system using our change ideas, yet the underlying aim of the project may be to achieve an improvement in the safety of the people involved. 

A quick search for the keywords ‘staff, patient, safety’ on Life QI will return almost 4,700 active QI projects on these subjects in many different settings and Trusts.  It is clearly a subject that many quality improvers are working on!

Here are just a few examples of projects that you might want to think about:

  • Increasing the number of staff receiving a debrief following the effects of a serious incident
  • Decreasing the number or frequency of staff/patient violent incidents
  • Increasing the delivery of regular staff supervision sessions
  • Reducing medication errors
  • Increasing rates of completion or timeliness of safeguarding or mental health assessments
  • Increase the use of personal protective equipment
  • Decreasing the prevalence of physical harm, such as slips, trips and falls.

The common factor in all of these examples is that there is a definite article that can be counted or measured (e.g. the number of supervision sessions per week) and we can start to think about a range of changes that may lead to an improvement.  In fact, all of the above cases are suitable for the application of the Model for Improvement!

Central QI projects are currently being started that support safety improvement across CNWL; watch out for programmes of work on falls and violence reduction that are being set up as we go to press.  We will bring you further details of these exciting projects as they develop.

Whatever your aim might be in improving safety, getting your QI training up and running is vital to help you improve. 

Taking time out to do some e-learning with the IHI Open School is a great way to start your learning here. There are five recommended modules (QI101-QI105) that will provide you with all the basic knowledge that you need about the Model for Improvement.

Further details of the training options are available on the QI microsite: here

Your QI Stories

CNWL Addictions Services feature in our latest QI video, where Andre Geel, Consultant Psychiatrist and Adelia Smith, Peer Support Worker introduce work to use the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ approach in group work settings.  Andre comments that the work has improved the effectiveness of the patient treatment groups and provided better patient outcomes.


Management Fundamentals 2018/19 projects celebrated

The Royal Society of Medicine was the chosen venue for delegates on the Management Fundamentals course to present their final QI projects and celebrate the quality improvements achieved.

Simon Edwards (Clinical QI Lead) reports that the 19 projects displayed a ‘wide range of topics that not only improved patient experience but also staff experience’.  Read the full report here

Professor Dorothy Griffiths (CNWL Chair) presided over the evening and had the delightful job of congratulating each of the project leads with certificates.  See our @QiCnwl tweet with a giff of all the recipients here

All Teach, All Learn CNWL seniors leaders - 17 May

15 senior leaders from across the Trust came together with Dr Simon Edwards (Clinical QI Lead) and Dave Williams (Senior Lead, IHI) for a training session to look at how QI methodology can be used to improve access.

The focus on the training was to learn about measurement for improvement and how to analyse and interpret time series data on access. The workshop used a live CNWL QI Project as a case study, talking through in detail the project to improve access currently being run in the Psychiatry Liaison team at Northwick Park.

Thank you to the project team for sharing their project in the spirit of All Teach, All Learn.

If you’d like to learn more about their fantastic work you can see their poster hereJameson_PsychLiason_WardReferrals.

The team have made significant improvements running 38 PDSA cycles over the course of the project selecting those to adopt, abandon or adapt. All of these are on Life QI here.

The group discussed the role of a senior leader in sponsoring and helping unblock quality improvement efforts within their service areas. If you have a QI project that you feel needs support from a senior leader please feel free to discuss with them or get in touch with your Divisional Clinical QI Lead (details below). The next senior leaders QI training session will take place today on Thursday 11 July at 350 Euston Road.  We look forward to welcoming senior leaders from across the Trust.

Improvement Science in Action (ISIA) Practicum

The Improvement Science in Action Practicum will be run by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

It has been designed to walk CNWL staff through the process of carrying out a local improvement project.

Over a period of 12 months project teams will run an improvement project which is supported through structured learning. 

This will involve face to face training workshops, along with monthly virtual support workshops during action periods (when teams are working locally on their improvement projects).

The face to face days will be held in central London on:

  • 21 to 23 October 2019 (all day)
  • 27 February 2020 (all day)
  • 28 February 2020 (morning only)
  • 3 June 2020 (all day)
  • 4 June 2020 (morning only).

Dates of the virtual support workshops are still to be set, but will be of up to 1.5 hours each month.

We are looking for improvement project teams to apply with a minimum of three participants.  There is a limit of 30 project teams on the course.

Any teams interested in applying should discuss their project plans with their Divisional QI Lead, who will guide them through the application process. Divisional QI Lead contact information is at the end of this newsletter.

Quality Improvement Autumn Learning Event:

Improving Safety

The theme for this Learning Event will be Improving Safety.

Newsflash!  We are delighted to announce our confirmed guest speakers

Dr Bob Klaber

Consultant General Paediatrician & Deputy Medical Director

Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Charlotte Hopkins FRCP

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Barts Health NHS Trust

Attending a QI learning event is a great opportunity to kick-start or boost your knowledge of QI, whilst making valuable networking connections that can help you learn and grow in your confidence to apply the methodologies in the Model for Improvement.

Highlights include:

  • Presentations from external QI experts, providing a wider view of the QI community
  • Interactive masterclasses using real examples of QI projects in CNWL
  • World café poster displays affording you the opportunity to meet staff who have been successful in a QI project
  • Play QI Bingo; an ideal way of meeting like-minded QI curious staff across CNWL
  • Celebrate QI successes with video screenings and awards for QI project teams who have shown real progress in their work
  • Meet your Divisional QI Lead, who will be happy to help you access help and support for your QI project

Open to all staff, service users and carers from any divisional or corporate service.

Lunch and refreshments are provided during the Learning Event.

Booking now open on LDZ – reserve your place now!

Monday 9 September 2019, 8.30am to 5pm

Bevan 1 and 2 meeting rooms, CNWL Trust Headquarters, 1 Floor, 350 Euston Road, Regent’s Place, NW1 3AX

Booking for our fourth QI Learning Event now open on LDZ accessed via the QI microsite at:

Search for ‘Learning Event’ to find the enrolment page.

Places are limited, so get your booking soon!

Bitesize QI training on tour!  New date added in Hillingdon this September!


All Bitesize QI training sessions can now be booked on LDZ

We have added a new date in Hillingdon in September.

The full list of dates currently available to book are:

  • Tuesday 23 July 9.30am to 1pm Milton Keynes – Ridgway (Fry Hall)
  • Wednesday 28 August 9.30am to 1pm Argo House (CR3/4)
  • Monday 23 September 9.30am to 1pm Bevan rooms, 350 Euston Road
  • Monday 30 September 1.00pm to 4.00pm,  Meeting room 1 and 2, Beaufort House, Uxbridge
  • Tuesday 15 October 9.30am to 1pm Milton Keynes (Fry Hall)
  • Wednesday 13 November 9.30am to 1pm Argo House (CR3/4)
  • Monday 2 December 9.30am to 1pm Bevan rooms, 350 Euston Road

For information on how to book onto the training go to

Life QI users 

Here’s an update on live projects numbers on Life QI.

    • We now have 260 active projects on Life QI
    • 1163 staff have now registered on Life QI
    • 45 QI projects have been completed on Life QI
    • 63 QI projects with ‘Little i’ service user/carer involvement
    • 21 QI projects with ‘Big I’ service user/carer involvement
    • 176 QI projects do not have service user/carer involvement (we want to reduce this number!)

Life QI tip of the month: Getting the measure of adding your QI charts

A question that is often asked of the QI team is how to add data to your QI charts on Life QI. 

Gathering your data may be the first step to measuring your improvement, but getting the data on a chart is an essential skill to have amongst your QI project team.

To add data, you need to select your chart and get Life QI into edit mode:

  • Click on your project
  • Click on the ‘Measures & Charts’ tab
  • Click on the chart
  • Click edit (top right)
  • Scroll down the screen and enter data (manually or copy and paste a dataset from an excel spreadsheet)
  • Recalculate your chart
  • Remember to save it!

Copy (below)te

Paste (below highlighted)

Collecting your data onto an excel spreadsheet is a great way to make your data entry in Life QI easy and efficient.

There is guidance on how to add measures and charts to your QI project in Life QI here:    ‚Äč