Posted on: 22 March 2023

Starting off as a Quality Improvement (QI) project idea, this new podcast series has become a hit.  

Each episode brings a personable human touch to induction and helps support trainees joining Community Mental Health Teams.

Dr Hassan Mallick is joined by a different guest from CNWL to help answer any questions trainees have about working in Community Mental Health Services.

Dr Hassan said, “I hope it can help trainees understand how the Community Mental Health Team or hub works.”

Listeners can fill in a questionnaire after each episode to help cater future episodes on topics most important to them. The link to the questionnaire is here.

Staff can listen to all episodes of the podcast by typing ‘CMHT podcasts’ in the search bar on Trustnet.

The latest episode features a conversation with Clinical Psychologist Doreen Hoerold. Dr Hassan talks about services community mental health teams offer and much more including:

  • When CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) becomes CMHH (Community Mental Health Hub).
  • The “natural history” of a psychologist.
  • What an average day is like for a psychologist? How it feels like to be inside a therapy room for a psychologist.
  • Referral process- What makes a therapy referral successful?
  • Who is suitable for therapy- How to facilitate a discussion about psychology goals from a service user prior to referral.
  • The links between primary and secondary care for psychological treatment.
  • Addressing waiting times and expectations from psychological interventions.