Posted on: 2 January 2024

Geetika presenting at conferenceQuality Improvement (QI) is key to CNWL’s work and two years ago the Trust formed an Improvement Academy (IA) to support this, with 3,272 staff now trained in QI and 209 active QI projects currently live across the organisation

Towards the end of last year, the CNWL Quality Improvement Team presented learning on the impact of co-production in improvement at the Annual Quality Improvement Conference held at the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 28 November 2023.

During the conference, Geetika Singh, Head of Quality Improvement (pictured above on the right), said the Trust now has 86 per cent of projects with meaningful involvement and set a new target to achieve 100 percent during 2024!

The approach used in CNWL is based on COM-B: Capability, Opportunity, Motivation and Behaviour.  View the slides from the conference to find out more about this here (opens link). 

Geetika, said

“Involving people with lived experience is absolutely essential at all levels within the organisation including in our Improvement Board, programme and at individual project level. The Improvement Academy has a carer as an Honorary Faculty Member and we have created an Expert by Experience improvement forum with patients and carers coaching frontline teams on their improvement journey.”

“Coproduction means that staff, patients and carers are able to come up with new ideas, develop and influence those change ideas and help collect data to evidence the impact of any changes that are made during a project.

"By working together and being closely involved it creates an environment where everyone feels they can be open and honest about changes that are needed and feedback regularly. It allows more time for reflection and learning too as well as more cross-boundary working between teams. That’s beneficial to everyone as it helps staff grow new knowledge and skills.”

If you would like to start a QI project in 2024 that involves people in your service then get in touch with the QI Team via weekly QI Clinics or attend our next Expert by Experience Improvement Forum. To book a slot, email