15 February 2021

The Quality Improvement (QI) Annual Report 2020 details the progress during the third year of the QI programme as well as providing an outline of the plans for the QI programme in the coming year.

The focus over the last year (Nov 2019 – Oct 2020) has been to continue to grow QI capacity and capability across CNWL and increase the level of patient and carer involvement in QI.

In addition, the QI programme decided to focus on two centrally driven improvement programmes that were linked to the Trust’s Quality Priorities, the two themes this year have been Reducing Falls and Violence Reduction.

Due to Covid-19, the QI Programme Board decided to pause the QI programme for three months (March - May 2020) and staff from the central QI team were redeployed to the PPE hub and staff testing service.

Going into year 4, the QI programme aims to strengthen patient and carer involvement within all QI projects as well as focusing on new central themes from Trust priorities.

See the full annual report below:

Quality Improvement Programme Annual Report 2020