Posted on: 23 March 2023

CNWL recognised some of its staff’s best problem-solving initiatives at the Inner Borough Trainee Quality Improvement Awards in January.

The bi-annual event, which is open to all trainees involved in Quality Improvement (QI) at CNWL, has two main aims:

  • To provide an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic QI work performed by trainees at CNWL.
  • To recognise the importance of organisational learning through QI and to share skills and knowledge across CNWL.

Winners not only got the chance to present their projects, they also received a certificate for their portfolios and the top three presenters were awarded with a gift card prize.

The next sessions will be held in the summer of 2023 so contact the PGMEG team if you’re interested in putting yourself forward.

In Novemeber 2022, Dr Abiram Selladurai won the trainee poster prize at CNWL’s Safety Conversation Day event.

Abs photo.jpgAfter winning, Abiram spoke about how grateful he was for the well-established QI programme at CNWL.

“Familiarising myself with the life QI platform and getting support from Yasmin (the previous QI fellow) was unimaginably helpful,” he said. “At CNWL we are fortunate to have both QI fellows and QI clinics to discuss our projects and get feedback - and I really recommend trainees use these avenues.

“Finally, wherever you are with the project, don’t be afraid to showcase your results including at local academic programmes. I was often grateful for the encouraging feedback I received from seniors, and you might just surprise yourself by winning a prize along the way!

“It’s been really nice to have my efforts on my QI project recognised by winning this year’s trainee prize at the Safety Conversation Day, but as with most QI endeavours - there is still plenty more to be done and I hope to continue on with this project during my training.”

Congratulations to all our winners, runners up and everyone who presented!

Inner Boroughs – 11 January 2023

Dr Elle Borges Michel presenting on “Improving service user knowledge of physical women’s health issues at the Coombe Wood Mother and Baby Unit”

(1st Prize - £50)

Dr Ailie Brennan-Davies presenting on “Hypoglycaemia in anorexia”

(2nd Prize - £30)

Dr Hassan Mallick presenting on “Doctor's induction to CMHT QI using podcasts”

(3rd Prize - £20)

Dr Alexandra Mackenzie presenting on “Improving the quality of GP discharge letter as per PLAN guidelines”

Dr Emily Jin presenting on “Improving timeliness of GP discharge letter as per PLAN guidelines”

Dr Emily Simon Thomas presenting on “increasing annual physical health assessments for service users within the long-term programme at the Waterview Centre”

Outer Boroughs and Milton Keynes – 25 January 2023

Dr Amelia Cussans presenting on “Ecosia: Bringing a greener search engine to the NHS”

(1st Prize - £50)

Drs Agnieszka Strzelczak & Annabel Jardine Blake & Africa Socorro presenting on “Reducing the average time spent in GREEN RAG rating before discharge or transition from ACTS”

(2nd Prize - £30)

Drs Isabel Leach & Idongesit Eseneyen presenting on “Improving Efficiency of the Handover Document in Milton Keynes”

(3rd Prize - £20)

Dr Megan Clark presenting on “Improving Brent CMHT OPHA Referral Triage System”

Dr Hebah Ijaz presenting on “Are we utilizing consult connect as it should be used?”

Dr Ruben Perumal presenting on “CMHT Book Club – A Staff Wellbeing Improvement Project”

Dr Ailie Brennan-Davies presenting on “Improving MDT discharge summaries from Vincent square inpatient eating disorder unit”

Drs Samreen Asim & Olawunmi Olayiwola presenting on “Physical illness during perinatal period”

Dr Khaled Abid presenting on “DNFs”

Dr Daniele Panconesi presenting on “Improving the safety of expected admissions to PRCMH prior to transfer from general hospitals”

Dr Avani Puri presenting on “Improving quality & satisfaction with handover at the Riverside centre”