Posted on: 3 March 2023

Jude Kearns, Clinical Lead for the CAMHS Urgent Care Team (Inner London) is set to compete in the London Marathon in April 2023.

“I am disabled myself as I have Multiple Sclerosis, and metal plates in my leg, after breaking my knee a few years ago, so this is a real challenge for me,” she says.

“As a Mental Health Nurse I recognise the importance of giving people hope and that they have a future free from pain and worry.” 

Jude will be running for the charity DEPHER (Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair).

They provide urgent emergency works such as repairing gas leaks, installing new boilers and heating systems to vulnerable groups including the elderly, disabled and low-income customers. It has recently been expanded to help families by providing basics such as food, nappies and shelter.

Jude says: “They help some of the most vulnerable in our society who in these current times of hardship, and soaring costs of living, are struggling just to survive each day.”

You can view Jude’s fundraising page here.

Good luck Jude!