Posted on: 24 June 2022

CNWL is proud to support Learning Disability Week 2022. Throughout this week, CNWL’s Learning Disability Services will be sharing how they are marking this year’s campaign and highlighting the work they do to support people with a learning disability.

The charity Mencap organise Learning Disability Week every year and you can check out their latest myth busting campaign, where they hear from people with a learning disability who are challenging misconceptions about what life is like living with a learning disability. Click here to find out more.

Westminster CAMHS Neurodevelopmental and Learning Disability Team Celebrate Learning Disability Week in “style”.

The words style is used slightly loosely here as the team decided to have an odd socks day. The team were tasked to get creative and wear their most colourful and brightest pair.

The general public seldom know what living with a learning disability is actually like and some conversations can portray life with a learning disability as restricting. So, the brightness and creativeness of the socks highlight that people with a learning disability live rich, rewarding, vibrant, happy and successful lives.

The Westminster CAMHS Team also challenged staff members to learn a new Makaton sign each day. Makaton is a language programme that combines speech and signs to help people who struggle to communicate understand and express their thoughts and feelings. Some people with a learning disability have found Makaton useful in connecting with people and the world around them. You can learn about Makaton here.


Westminster CAMHS Neurodevelopmental and Learning Disability Team